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Category Archive: Technical

  1. Is your rear sagging, out of line and your rivets visible?

    Obviously the rear bumper on your much loved Jaguar, not anything else due to over indulgence at the Chequered ¬†Flag Ale house, The Castle Inn, The Apiary, The Lamb or The Jolly Potters! There, that should be worth a few complimentary pints! Joking apart, the rear bumper on your XK8 and XJ8, 1997 to 2006, […]

  2. XK8 Corrosion problems need sorting – sooner than later!

    If you’re in the market for an X100 XK8 I expect you’ve done the research, you’ve maybe read and re-read the articles in the specialist press on buying an older X100 XK8, you’ve maybe even joined the XK Enthusiasts Club, well worth the money in information alone on the forum as well as an enthusiastic […]

  3. Jaguar XK8 feeling wobbly, shakey, skittish? Check your mounts!

    Having bought a lovely 70k mile XKR 4.0 Convertible for stock and having had all the usual engine upgrades attended to, the car wasn’t quite right on the road. So after balancing all the wheels, it sits on 20″ alloy wheels with low profile tyres so the car looks the part,  it still felt well, […]


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