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2008 MY Jaguars at Classic Car Auctions. Running short of classics?

Of course you keep up with the classic car market? No? Well sadly I do! Trying to guess the next “modern” classic and get ahead of the curve or just perusing the entries and dreaming of bagging a DB5 for peanuts! Then cursing because a car I had only 10 years ago is now set to make double what I sold it for!

Just lately though there has been an increase in what I can only guess is the auction houses trying to pre-empt the arrival of a modern classic. In some cases just bunging an old car across the block hoping it will stick to someone who considers it worth money just because of it’s age! Or because it has low mileage, one of the worst things to subject your classic to, under use.

Now I know I’m about to ensure the wrath of some, please there’s not many of them, Austin Maestro owners but a 1.3 City version? Now the MG Turbo, crackers car with bags of  hang on to the steering wheel for dear life character definitely a candidate for the future, if not already.

Wait before you hit the keyboard in a flurry of indignation! I worked for the motor group Kennings and drove both – a lot. The City actually handled well in a leaning, squealing,  four square way, was quiet and reasonably economical. So just another car then. The MG was a barking mad,  just jump on the Turbo bandwagon effort from BL that actually made us all smile at the garage. Unfortunately not many thought the same. The garage is now five executive homes.

Also at a recent Classic auction, Audi A8 quattro. A 2002 MY car so not even an early 1990’s car that could perhaps be called ground breaking.  A 1990 BMW  520i with cloth trim? A 1999 Z3 2.8 at 83000 miles? A 2001 Ford Puma with nice miles at 43000 but a classic? For £3300 pounds?

Briefly,  as it’s getting boring now, a 2003 Audi TT, a 2009 Aston DB9, a Ford Sierra 1.8 estate, a 2008 XK Convertible not even a 60th Anniversary, a Audi RS6 Avant not a Plus model…..all of which you can’t start or drive. All at Classic Car Auctions. Classic or just different?

There’s a thing, the Different Car Auctions! Anybody got a few spare acres and a big shed?



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