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XK8 Corrosion problems need sorting – sooner than later!

If you’re in the market for an X100 XK8 I expect you’ve done the research, you’ve maybe read and re-read the articles in the specialist press on buying an older X100 XK8, you’ve maybe even joined the XK Enthusiasts Club, well worth the money in information alone on the forum as well as an enthusiastic driving club with runs out every month somewhere!

So you know what to ask on the 4.0 litre car concerning upgrades to the chain tensioners, the thermostat housing, water pump and if it’s wandering about on road test, the V-mounts – see earlier post!

You also are probably aware of the annoying problem around the rear of the car, 4.0 or 4.2, with regard to rust on the wheel arches and going back into and behind the bumper mounts and crash bar. Plus the plates on the floor pan under the seat area where the shells were attached to the line as they were built. Time consuming with¬† proper rectification costing over ¬£1000 at today’s price if the rear crash bar is rotted or broken.

Unfortunately we are seeing another big problem which is becoming increasingly common, at the front of the car. This is an area directly behind the shock/spring as you look at it with the wheel removed. Take off the unit and there is a large area from the chassis rail going up towards the top mounting area for the shocker which can cause problems.

Especially annoying when you consider the last examples of the XJS, which the XK8 and Aston DB7 were based upon, as body in white, the basic shell, was galvanised! I currently have a XJS Celebration Coupe which is in better condition than two cars I recently saw stripped down ready for work!

Down at Elite & Performance Jaguar in Derby, the guys I use for all our work, they’ve had to rectify a few and with the whole of the front suspension having to be dropped, not an inexpensive procedure!

As with the rear arch problem, keep it clean, get behind it as best you can with a high pressure hose and stiff brush, get rid of any lose surface rust, treat with a good zinc rust prevention paint, treat it with Waxoyl or Dinitrol and that should keep it in check. The youngest of these cars are now 10 years old and the eldest 20. If you want to enjoy and drive your investment then get under and get looking.

Or get it down to Dan, Joe & John at Elite, they’ll sort it. Other excellent Jaguar Specialists in your area are available!


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