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Jaguar XK8 X100 Convertible 1996 to 2006, buy now!

We have seen the price of the X100 model XK8 Convertible rocket in only the past few months. They are becoming the next certain modern classic, especially the Final Edition 2005 to 2006 “S” models. Normally aspirated and supercharged are commanding high prices at public and trade auction with even early models beginning to escalate in value.

It’s a very personal thing, taste, especially in petrol head world! Good examples of the “old shape” XK8 are now dearer than the “new shape” XK. Having driven numerous examples of both all I can say is they are quite different and if you can, try them both before you commit.

The older car certainly has the feel of a long legged, comfortable, subdued GT for that trip to Le Mans and on to the riviera.  The alloy bodied car is lighter on it’s toes, changes direction with more commitment and growls it’s way through the paddle shift gearbox for that pop at your twisty run to work instead of the M-way slog.

Maybe therein lies the clue. Customers often ask which is the better car? Well, I have a theory that maybe the X100 is the one to keep and you might, maybe, perhaps, having had a lot of memorable sunny days in the car, retain your investment or even increase it as long as you keep the corrosion problems at bay.

The one to drive everyday and not exactly forget about, but just drive it, is the X150. As for future returns on the X150? No more XK’s in the pipeline? No significant corrosion problems to worry about? The convertible, well it’s maturing well I think and prettier than the coupe so……!

Both great cars, similar, but different. Back to personal taste.


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